How To Take Awesome Photos of Your Dog

We get it, you want to take awesome photos of your dog, but you can’t seem to get great photos. Whether it’s for social media or otherwise, it definitely takes time and practice. Here are a few tips to take you from blurry chaos to picture perfect.

How To Take Awesome Photos of Your Dog by Kiwi & Crew
  1. Posing: First, you’ll need to teach your pup to “pose”. By that I don't mean train them to do all these crazy positions and tricks, just get them to sit and stay still (with lots of treats and patience). You can hold a treat near your lens for them to look right at you or off to the side, just make them follow the treat! If your pup needs some practice, check out this link to start. Over time, you can teach them more advanced tricks (wave, lay down, etc), if you wish.

  2. Image Quality: Next, you’ll need a device that can take high quality images. The good news is that you don’t need a fancy $900+ camera to do this (but those cameras are awesome if you have one!). Sometimes a smartphone will suffice, especially one that has portrait mode. If you don’t have portrait mode, there are a ton of apps that can easily blur out the background for a more professional look. Sometimes just a clear, crisp image doesn't even need to have a background blur to look good!

  3. Lighting: Take your photo in an area with good lighting. Taking the photo outside in natural daylight or inside by windows that let the light in are best. If you have bright indoor lighting/studio lights, that can work as well. The better the lighting, the clearer the photo! Don’t forget to play with the angles, you don't always need head-on shots. Try taking some from above, below, level with the grass outdoors, far away, close up, have fun with it!

    How To Take Awesome Photos of Your Dog by Kiwi & Crew
  4. Editing: You can also up your photo game with editing apps. They can take your photo to the next level and it can allow you to create a “theme” with your images. When it comes to photo editing, don’t over do it. Keep it looking natural so that the edit doesn’t overpower the purpose of your photo, your dog! Find one-touch filters that you like and will want to keep using, that way you can easily maintain a “theme”. You can always edit other features of the photo as well (brightness, contrast, sharpness, etc). Here are a few of my favorite editing apps: VSCO, Snapseed, PicMonkey & Lighroom.

   Once you and your pup get enough practice in, it will come naturally to you! Just remember to have fun, be patient and let your creativity take over! Happy photo taking!

  • Kiwi & Crew