Our Purpose

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Supporting Small

We strive to support other small businesses and artists in as many aspects of our business as we can. Our logo, stickers, bags, production (some of our bandanas are made in Maine!), paper products and even fabric designs, all come from other small businesses and artists.

Eco-Friendly & Sustainable

We also try our best to keep operations as eco-friendly as possible with our day-to-day operations and with the products we use (our mailer bags are recyclable and our cellophane bags are compostable!). We have started to shift towards eco-friendly, sustainable fabric (we already have three designs that are!). That’s why we have chosen to use a textile supplier that practices minimal water, fabric and ink waste. Even better, their material is sourced from trusted, ethical vendors. 

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We are located and produce here in Vermont and love our state (especially in the Fall). As an ode to VT, we always have a few rustic bandanas that represent different aspects of the Green Mountain State. Every other part of our mission relates back to our state; eco-friendly and small business strong.